Budget cuts around the country have put a substantial burden on already stressed police forces. It has never been more necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.

It is absolutely critical that you do so in a responsible way by learning and practicing safe, effective methods.

Always be mindful that the safety of your family and first responders is the top priority and it must be planned for as well as practiced. Owning a gun for home defense is a big responsibility and there is no room for error. The more well trained armed people there are protecting themselves, the more likely crime rates will be reduced.

Here are some headlines from news sources around the country:

Miami-Dade Police Union Boss Tells Residents to Buy Guns for Protection If the Mayor Cuts Budget

Your safety is your own responsibility.

Detroit police chief wants citizens to arm themselves Motor City’s top cop says it time to invoke the Second Amendment

“Suspects knew that good Americans were armed,” he says. Now in Detroit, Chief Craig credits the decrease in crime in part to the “a number of [concealed-carry permit] holders running around the city of Detroit.” If more Detroit citizens were armed, Chief Craig told a news conference last week, criminals would think twice before attacking them.

Wisconsin sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

A sheriff who released a radio ad urging Milwaukee-area residents to learn to handle firearms so they can defend themselves while waiting for police said Friday that law enforcement cutbacks have changed the way police can respond to crime.

WI Sheriff David Clarke Tells Residents “You Have A Duty To Protect Yourself & Your Family”

Mayor Tells Residents They Should Carry Guns

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — While unaware he was being recorded at a civic meeting, Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright offered a crime solution that has stunned the city of Montgomery and the nation. “What we need to do… Is there any media? Chief, can I say this? I’ve said it one time…Get a gun and teach our folks how to use them and shoot’ em,” Bright said. “Now, I’m telling you, that’s what we need to do.”

In addition to knowing how to properly and safely use a gun for self defense, you must also know the law. Knowing the law concerning the use of force is another way to protect yourself if something does happen.

Here is a link to NJ State Laws regarding guns. VAW makes no representation regarding the laws and how they affect you. VAW and its employees ARE NOT responsible for your compliance or knowledge with any and all laws. While we will discuss gun laws and provide some insight, we are not attorneys nor are we capable of explaining all the nuances and specifics of the many laws. We strongly suggest that you read the laws and if you have any questions, call the number listed on the link we have provided and ask.

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