The VAW Team has years of military, tactical and police experience.  Our team of veteran United States Marines has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Grenada, Beirut and more. The team’s skills and experience encompass everything from “CQB” (close quarters battle), parachute, scuba, firearms experts, operational security, threat management, “HVP” (high value personnel) protection & security, hand to hand combat, electronic security measures and surveillance, intelligence gathering, direct action missions, counter terrorism, FBI Active Shooter training, Small Unit Military Style Attacks, Critical Incident Response for Schools (Shooter, Fire Evacuation, Bomb Threat Response, School Lockdown,), Emergency Management, Disaster Management, Forensic Investigations, Homeland Security for Local Governments, Sub-Machine Gun/Assault Rifle Instructor, F.B.I. Intermediate Sniper/Observer Course, Hostage Negotiation Course/Witness Protection, Defensive Tactics  and much more.  We can ride, drive or fly just about everything and maintain a level of peak physical fitness that exceeds all standards.

Team Leader : Over-Watch, Chuck “Viking” Knutson Commands as Much as $2500 a Day Working Physical Security Operations protecting high value personnel.

VAW 222

Learn Critical Skills From His Team Before You Are A Victim of a Crime.

Range Safety Officer, Fernando “G” Gensollen aboard the USS Wright heading to Iraq. vawg1

VAW State Police Liaison Officer, Nick Massa at the top of the Walt Whitman Bridge on a Training Op with the New Jersey State Police Swat Team. Nick Massa 1

Compliance Officer, “Mack” Morgenweck in AfghanistanVAW TT 900

Logistics & Supply Officer, Chris “Spider” Watson in IraqVAW TT 600

Communications Officer, Jaime “Boss” KnutsonGalloway Patriot_DSC_081511292014_Galloway Twp Veterans Day

Facilities Officer, Joe “McHappy Meal” Mccarraher spotting for Jaime as she trains with an HBAR AR1520150208_141100

Ethos ~
If I Charge, Follow Me
If I Retreat, Kill Me
If I Die, Avenge Me

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