VAW Tactical Training requires that all students strictly adhere to all rules and laws.  You must possess and bring with you:

A valid current drivers license
A valid current firearms identification card
A legal and properly registered firearm
100 rounds of ammunition for your firearm
Ear and eye protection
A duffle bag or back pack to keep all you things together

You will not arrive with a loaded weapon. You will not load your weapon until instructed to do so by VAW staff. Weapons will only be loaded at the firing line and all loaded weapons will ALWAYS be pointed downrange. No weapon safety shall be switched to fire until you are instructed to do so in a safe manner.

Course materials will be provided upon arrival. Dress appropriately for the course.

VAW reserves the right to refuse enrollment to anyone for anyone reason. We will absolutely not offer training to anyone that we deem exhibits behavior inconsistent with our policies regarding public safety and welfare.

Also, be sure to bring a drawing/sketch of your home’s floor plan plus food and water as we do not provide any.

Contact us for class schedule and availability.

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